HPL is a modern, attractive and multifunctional surface material

Outstanding product and environmental features turn HPL into a material flexible in application which can be individually designed. Today HPL is applied in nearly all areas of everyday life – no matter if it is outside or inside application.

HPL is made of

  • Resined cellulose layers (core paper), which are used as core material
  • Overlay paper, which is used to improve the abrasion resistance
  • Melamine resin decorative paper, which is printed respectively coloured and defines the design

Special surface structures (e.g. high gloss, matte or with structure) are given to the laminates by pressing plates.

Decorative laminates may be distinguished between the three types HPL, CPL and Compact laminates. They differ in thickness and composition. With 60 % market share HPL is the leading type.

Thus it is not surprising that the term HPL becomes more and more the synonym for all types of decorative laminates.

The single components are pressure and heat compacted.

Decorative laminate