Environmental product declaration

In June 2012 the European association of HPL producers – the International Committee of the Decorative Laminates Industry (ICDLI) – has published the first average environmental product declaration for HPL.

The environmental product declaration provides architects and construction engineers important information about the environmental product features of HPL complying with the EN 438 part 3 (thin laminate, thickness < 2 mm) and 4 (compact laminate, thickness >= 2 mm) with a density of at least 1350 kg/m³.

At the same time the ICDLI and proHPL prepared an explanatory information making it easier to understand and evaluate the data of the environmental product declaration.

Environmental sustainability is one of the top issues of the 21st century – this is also true for the building and construction sector. Tenders of public development projects are increasingly asking for Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) that provide quantified, verified and objective information about the impact of a product or service on the environment.

Now architects and building engineers no longer need to consult company specific EPDs, which can vary widely. Instead, they can use the European average to calculate the influence of a building project on the environment. A special formula was compiled to generate the environmental impact of any thickness of HPL based on the data of the average EPD.