A modern association with a long tradition

For more than five decades, the members of the association have advocated for the surface material HPL.

On May 16, 1962 the association Fachgruppe Dekorative Schichtstoffplatten has been founded in Germany. Over the years it became an important mouthpiece of the industry as well as a capable institution concerning all questions in technology, application technology and communication.

In 2012 the members decided to revise the performance as well as the appearance of the association, in order to strengthen their network. It was important to them to support the modern and stylish surface material HPL by a modern association with a long tradition of expertise.

In May 2013 the Fachgruppe Dekorative Schichtstoffplatten became proHPL – the association of producers of decorative laminates (HPL) as well as their representatives situated in Germany, Austria or Suisse. proHPL wants to augment the image of HPL by working professionally in the fields of marketing, public relations, technology, ecology as well as resources.